About Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is a company created in 2010, under the “cross-innovation” program by ESADE Creapolis . The company’s mission is to respond to four strategic areas:

1. Development of a new business model.

Integrating food production in urban areas to minimize the chain of intermediaries.

2. Ecodesign of greenhouse technology for valid installation over exising building roof.

Designing a farming installation system suitable for integration on the roofs of the buildings, considering the technical, productive, environmental and economic benefits.

3. Improvements of the urban sustainability.

Creating a symbiotic relationship between culture and the installation of the building to close cycles and optimize systemic consume, by exchanging Atomic Energy flows, water and C02

4. Reduction of environmental impact of horticultural products.

Minimizing the distance between the production and consumer horticulture (optimization of the carbon footprint) and maximizing reuse of waste streams greenhouse-buildingsystem (optimization of the water footprint and power consumption).


2 thoughts on “About Vertical Farming”

  1. Gerd Coenen said:

    Mi hijo,hace ya 3 años, hizo su trabajo de recerca sobre vertical farming. ¿Por qué no mencionan a Dickson Despommier?

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