Products & Services

Vertical Farming sells agricultural technology adapted to urban environments through modular vertical greenhouses, architectural integration and planning, as well as associated supplies such as seeds, and nutrients. It also offers an annual maintenance service as well as advice on crop planning.

Tangible Product. B2B Business

The tangible part consists of modules greenhouses. The roof of the greenhouse can be adapted to customer needs, can be glass (premium), polycarbonate (standard), plastic (basic) or be an open farm (farm based). The final price depends on the model chosen on the basis of the visibility that the owner / investor wants to give the greenhouse.

Expanded Product

VF offers an annual maintenance service through an annual fee.This will be a recurring income. VF also offers consulting services for the planning of the annual or semi-annual customer and, in the event that the customer is a retailer, the director of purchasing it. The first plan will be included in the price. Since there will be a recurring income for VF. The customer will have to stock up on supplies such as plant and seed products. This is another recurring income for VF.

Increased product

Being a product which, on the cover of the centers of connected customers and service facilities (water, electricity, CO2) of the building, allows the optimization of your energy expense, the customer gets a total energy savings between 30% and 40%.

We understand that, explaining in a technically flawless performance of these specifications, the argument of energy conservation can complement and reinforce the main benefits magnificently our product and, in turn, eliminate any doubt about the appropriateness of placing a foreign object in the roof of the building.


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